Saturday 19 February 2011

Army Recovery Capability (ARC)??????

What in heavens name has happened to the unwritten covenant?
When our country sends our service men and women in to conflict zones, they the service personnel expect to have their families and themselves cared for in a situation where the service personnel are injured or killed.
In today's Daily Telegraph I read that those who have been wounded in the line of serving our country are to be booted out of the services, on the grounds of not being able to perform military tasks. This new tactic will fly in the face of a previous promise made by the former head of the Army, Sir Richard Dannatt ( the army general who came in to advise David Cameron when he was leader of the opposition), who said those injured on operations could remain in the forces. Is this yet another U turn? If it is, it isn't in my name, nor should it be in your name, we need to ensure that our Member of Parliament knows our views and raise this new policy in Parliament, regardless of whatever political stance you may have on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Credit Where Credits Due

This dear is in my books a hero, tackling a group of daylight robbers with only a handbag and succeeding, whilst others initially stood around watching the goings on.

Friday 28 January 2011

Polio - Let's All Eradicate It

My generation are fully aware of the consequences of Polio, me personally, who had it at the age of 5 and came through it unscathed, except for a very slight walking issue. Whilst tens of thousands died and similar numbers remain with severe mobility problems and that is only in this country, world wide it's a much worse picture and in undeveloped countries much much worse. 
Now you won't often see me giving praise to a Tory led Government, however with them doubling their contribution next year to eradicate that awful decease, Polio, needs applauding.
Polio is a debilitating diseased which like smallpox needs to be fully eradicated, the sooner the better.

Thursday 27 January 2011

After Neighbourhood Offices They Now Want To Close Our CAB's

Birmingham’s five Citizens Advice Bureau centers face closure after losing £600,000 in council funding and staff faces redundancy as the charity awaits news on other funding streams.

It has been widely reported that the five Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) offices across the city face closure next month after the council cut £600,000 in funding and the service is also in line to loose further funding from other services, threatening some 45 jobs.
As expected, Birmingham’s coalition run City Council said it had always warned the Birmingham CAB not to rely on council funding, however CEO of Birmingham’s CAB, Yvonne Davis, said the charity got five times the council funding from other sources such as Macmillan Cancer Care and the Royal British Legion, but it still relied on the city council for 20 per cent of its funding.

Monday 24 January 2011

It's All Wonga To Charge Too Much Interest

The number of quick loan companies advertising quick loans over short periods on TV is particularly worrying, in so much as the interest rates for these short period loans is as much as 2600%APR, which in itself is immoral.
Researching for this article, I'm astonished to find that over 4 million quick short term loans were transacted in the UK last year alone, with absolutely no control over the interest rates charged, which I find astonishing in this day and age.
Apparently the OFT in a report to Government last June spoke of their concerns, but has the Government done anything? No It's done diddly squat and this will remain so long as these companies continue to support certain political views, or support certain activities like that of sponsoring transport on New Years day in London after a request from old Boris.
Say no more.

Inflation Possibly, Stagnation More Likely

Whether you wish to measure it as RPI or CPI inflation is on the up, something which we haven’t seen at these levels for quite sometime.

The difficulties with inflation will be the impact on those living on fixed incomes and young families with mortgages.
With the Bank of England’s economists charged at keeping inflation at levels set by George Osbourne each year, interest rates will definitely increase if not this coming month then next. Interest rate increases will be yet another burden needing to be absorbed in to households monthly budgets as salary increases in both private and public sectors will be unheard of for this year and possibly even next.

Sunday 23 January 2011

Is It Truely Deception?

Oh how true is this!
Being actively involved in politics for over forty years, seeing numerous styles in government, both local and national, I whole heartily agree with the sentiment from this contributor.

Friday 21 January 2011

Sorry To See You Go Alan

Probably the most approachable bloke in the whole of Gordon Browns Cabinet was Alan Johnson, as was Yvette Cooper streets ahead of all of the other women I had met.
So the news that Alan Johnson was resigning from being a front bench spokesman for the shadow cabinet is a really tough blow, not just for Ed Miliband of course, but The Labour Party as a whole. I wish and hope matters turn out well for him and his family.

On the other hand Yvette Cooper will be no walk over as Shadow Home Secretary, believe me, she is extremely intelligent and very diligent in her dealings, so they had better watch out in The Home Office and their ministers.
On the other hand Labour's front bench rottweiler, Ed Balls, can now set about ripping chunks out of George Osbourne and that team of  n'er do wells, after all Ed has probably forgotten more than the whole of that team know about economics in it's broadest sense.

Monday 17 January 2011

Will There be A Fuel Duty Increase In April?

With The Treasury expected to make an extra £2 billion out of the misery of motorists having to pay more for petrol, it seems that some Tories, including the Prime Minister wants to ensure those who live in the countryside pay less. I can accept that there are families in rural areas who simply can't afford the petrol price increases, but there is also a far greater number who can pay the extra. So why should poorer urbanites also be ignored?

Rats at 10 Downing Street Shock

It seems that there are more rats in Downing Street than most of us thought.

Look behind Gary O'Donoghue and you'll see one on the steps of No 10 and no it isn't David, Nick, Vince or George.