Saturday, 30 January 2010

Baverstock School & Kings Norton High School

Well the cat is out of the bag and it’s official, Birmingham Council wants to amalgamate Baverstock School and Kings Norton High School.

Whilst in principle I have no objections to the amalgamation going ahead, I do feel that Baverstock School should be the ‘Senior Partner’.
I say senior partner as KNHS is a failing school in so much as the number of pupils starting there this coming September, will result in that school being unable to forfil its obligation to a full curriculum.
That all said, what worries me is the proposed location of the New Build School in Monyhull Hall Road on the site of the present Lindsworth South School site.
To say that this road, well it’s not a road, given the width of it, it’s more like a lane with very narrow pavements could cope with such additional traffic both pedestrian and motoring, without endangering either of these groups is farcical. The need for a new build school goes without saying, but the proposed site is yet another argument I will be taking up with the powers that be.

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