Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cemetery Headstone Scam?

I've just received in the post a letter posted in Gloustershire, from a very concerned daughter of a family interned in Brandwood End Cemetery, she claims that the family are to be charged a significant amount of money to put right a "loose" head stone on her parents plot.
It so happened that on the day the tests were being done, this woman's brother was visiting the grave and saw the men carrying out the "test", he complained to them and then to the superintendent's officer on duty at the main office.
It seems that the way that the contractors are paid is at fault as it is by the number of headstones that fail the test, rather than by the day or the numbers tested carried out. So it is in the contractors interest to ensure that headstones fail regularly, all contrary to fair play and justice.
At the end of the day, it will be the family that will end up paying the bill and a hefty bill at that to reinstate the headstone, to ensure that their parents last resting place remains as they would wish, perfect.
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