Monday, 22 November 2010

Fancy Meeting You Here!!!!!!!!

Purely by chance this afternoon, I found out that as well as ourselves, (PRODH, Bells Farm Community Centre volunteers and me), going around the area with Santa and his sleigh on December 10th, as done last year, Moseley Round Table are to do the same, on the same night starting in similar places and around the same time.
So after a quick phone call from me to one of Santa's little helper in Moseley we have agreed to share up the area, we are to take three roads, Brockworth Road, Pennyacre Road and Manningford Road, with Santa's little helpers from Moseley taking Santa everywhere else they can.
Phew!!!! What a relief, just imagine if we had TWO Santas' in the same road at the same time, with all their little helpers. The confusion could have been mind boggling.

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