Thursday, 16 December 2010

Berks In Mercs And Dreamers In Beamers

Is it just me or are some drivers just getting worse in driving procedures?
On my way home tonight I think I've seen almost every type of bad driving at close hand, not always directed at me or my car and driving, I might say, otherwise you would be saying it was my driving to blame, wouldn't you.
On a slip road entrance to a main road, where the speed limit is forty, I saw a BMW driver attempt to slip in to traffic, I believe expecting everyone to give way to him, after all he was driving a Beamer. Needless to say he nearly came in to collision with a large Skoda and a following Freelander. So now you know why Beamer drivers are DREAMERS.
Being undertaken by a wide boy in a 1.1 Citreon Saxo, with blacked out lights and an exhaust tail pipe that must have been as large as the channel tunnel, who thought he could undertake not just me but a trail of cars in front and then just nudge in to our lane when he thought he wanted too, he had another thing coming, we just ignored his wishes and prevented him access, forcing down another exit away from ourselves. If he hadn't been cheeky I think I probably would have let him in, but bad manners on the road won't be tolerated by most motorists.
Now for the berk in a Merc.This one came racing down the dual carriageway and must have been doing about seventy, possibly eighty miles an hour, then came right up my boot, with headlights flashing. Now again I was tail end charlie of a queue of about six cars in the outside lane all needing to be in this lane as the road divides about four hundred yards ahead. Flashing headlights and the occasional tooting of the horn, without blue lights means nothing to me, but he remained there until past the junction and I then moved out of his way, so he then started again on the next car and then the next and the next until he passed all of us. That is until we arrived at the set of traffic lights, where the same Merc and ourselves had stopped and guess what he needed to turn right and the rest of us drove past the BERK in a Merc.

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