Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tory & Lib-Dems Vote To Close Post Offices

Yesterday at Decembers Full Council meeting had a busy schedule, along with me and the rest of the Labour Group wanting everyone on the Council to work together with The Chief Constable to save our local Police Officers and prevent cuts to the Police, we also debated about the Coalition Government plans on Post Offices.
It's not till you really look at what the Coalition Government are planning for Post offices that you realise, that they are attempting to mislead the public.
Across the country all Post Offices are loosing over £4 million a day and are having to be subsidised by Royal Mail Postal and Parcel Services. The Government want to sell off 90% of Royal Mail Post and Parcels to a private company, which will include post offices across the country. When the newly Privatised Royal Mail then starts to close down the post offices they will then take the blame, rather than the Government. What a con?
In addition they have prevented the Post Office from having it's own bank, yet want it to be in partnership with the Bank of Ireland, which has recently been bailed out by it's own Government, by the E.U., by the IMF and finally by our own Coalition Government, that's how good a bank it is. The Government Plans are doomed or are they a very BIG con to the public, I fear the latter. 
The Labour Party in a debate put forward an argument to protect the remaining Post Offices and ways of improving them as well as Royal Mail services, but both The Tories and Lib-Dems voted against the plans, hence voting for Post Office closures.

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