Tuesday, 28 December 2010

It's Our NHS Mr Lansley, Not Yours

Hands up all of those who voted for increased waiting times, whether they be in Accident and Emergency or for a hospital bed, because your doctor thinks you may have cancer. Is that no one?
Right, so Andrew Lansley, to Secretary Of State for Health, that's right, the person who won't advertise that those at greatest risk should have the flu jab, hence critical care beds are getting blocked, so operations can't take place. Well the same man is coming under the magnifying glass again, this time because he is asking for too high a saving in the NHS budget, his dictate of wanting £20 billion is almost impossible unless something gives and the gives will be longer waits for hospital beds, shorter stays in hospital or cuts in front line staff.
So what is it to be? Hands up then.
Or will David Cameron step in, like he did over flu jabs, or is that, didn't step in over flu jabs. Time will tell.

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