Saturday, 18 December 2010

Survivor Is Back, This Time In Whitehall

The Coalition Government has been in place for six months and various party grandees will have already been talking to David Cameron on what that want to see happen next. Now while I will agree that Cameron has given the impression that he's in charge to the public at large, he is clearly a tool of the grandees.
The big question is, has he the full support of his own Members of Parliament, well time will tell, after all he is the one who has allowed his minister to give prisoners the vote, has gone back on a promise to ensure that persons carrying knives are given stiff penalties in the courts and finally there are Ken Clarke's plans to reduce the prison population by introducing alternative short term sentencing.
Now when you look at all of the Tories in the Cabinet, Ken Clarke stands out as the odd man out, he's the only one as such to have previously held a high powered Government post under two previous Prime Ministers, so has some experience. Apart from his attire, sports jackets and hush puppy shoes, no one would believe he had liberal views, would they? It is his liberal views that would/could be the key to him, hanging on/ loosing position,  within the cabinet.
The real question is can David Cameron keep the Grandees happy and keep Ken Clarke in the Cabinet, otherwise will the Lib-Dems cause mayhem if he is forced out or sacked, after all he is instrumental in introducing liberal views in to bills and ultimately law.
Only time will tell and my guess not too much time at that.

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